Logistic Mobility Solution

Logistics is not just driven by means of communication but also driven by technology. Mobilization of resources, when combined with the latest technology, will not only transport goods but an unparalleled organized system of movement with unparalleled accuracy.

Implementing mobile technology to well manage transport routes and supply chains

The dependency of logistics industry on mobile technology has seen a great boom in recent time. Every day, the industry witnesses an enormous movement of people and goods from one place to another. For an industry that is constantly on tires, mobile technology and application comes as a natural choice and is very impactful in safeguarding accurate data capture and constant-real-time data flow.

Fleet Management System - Solution to acquire utmost from your fleet.

It gives you access to a vehicle, driver, and goods details with your finger’s touch. Improve resource management from real-time data capture and reduce the operational cost. The solution will provide information about the vehicle, assets within it, vehicle route, destination, and present location, vehicle servicing data and drivers’ log time and comments from the client.

Warehouse & distribution management - at a fraction of cost

Delivering the raw product or the finalized product is always crucial for business’ growth. Keep your deliveries scheduled, track the shipment route and change according to scenarios. The system uses advanced geo-positioning and identification technology like GPS and RFID tag scanner. It streamlines your processes, effective in cost-cutting helps in optimally utilize available resources.

Good’s Tracker System – know the location

Visualize your warehouse, consignments, and packages and manage inventory in a streamlined manner with optimized resource utilization. Use RFID label scanner to collect correct consignment for pick and dispatch service. Prevent error in shipment identification using the barcode scanner.

Benefits of embracing mobile technology for logistics business

  • More accurate dispatch and scheduling
  • Better vehicle tracking and geo-locating.
  • Better decision making in building routes for product delivery on time.
  • Ensures real-time data gathering.
  • Ensures correct data delivery and dispatch
  • Excellent Stock and inventory management
  • Track driver productivity, fleet maintenance, and load management
  • Ensures automated vehicle servicing status report.

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